Sunday, 11 October 2015

Cork Fashion Week 2015

This blog post is particularly close to my heart and a little different than my usual outfit posts.   I have had the pleasure and privilege of being involved in Cork Fashion Week since it's conception in 2009, and also of being very close friends with it's founders, the amazing women pictured above Emer (check out her blog Irish Fashaholic) and Vivienne.  I am amazed by the level of style and ingenuity CFW provides and the platform it creates for a meeting of like minded, fashion loving people to come together and share ideas.  I for one, was inspired!  

I must say my favourite collection of the night was from Dunnes stores.  This Irish owned department store has really upped it's game recently stocking local home grown designers such as Carolyn Donnely, and Lennon Courtney.  I will be running out and purchasing the silver and black Saint Laurant inspired boots and the faux fur stoles.

My outfit for the night was inspired by Parisian chic tulle and stripes.  Plus, I just love anything off the shoulder.  There was so much style in the room, I wish I could share it all with you!  Cheers to CFW, bringing style to Ireland! xo

PS - The photos of myself with Emer, Vivinne and the other bloggers were taken by Blink of an Eye Photography.
Dress (worn as top) Penney's// Bag Chanel// Skirt Verso

With fellow blogger David from Material Boy and CFW directors Emer and Vivienne


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    1. Hi, sorry that was unintentional and totally just by accident. I have went back and added an amendment at the end of my blog post that the professional photos were done by Blink of an Eye Photography