Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Top 5 Tuesdays: Couture Week SS15

Number 1: Chanel
Because Karl's creative genius is second to none and he out does himself every season.
Because the paper jungle and crystal flower theme was to die for.
Because veiled beanies are happening and I for one, will be rocking one.
Because Chanel is the epitome of chic and I want everything that came down that runway!

Number 2: Valentino
Because they channelled the Russian country side, romance and poetry with beautiful results.
Because it's all in the details: the fabrics - chiffon, silk, velvet and embroidery.
Because I love the light airy chiffon pieces worn under heavier knits and vests.
Because compared to the other fashion houses this season, it was all about understated elegance.

Number 3: Giambattista Valli
Because I'm feeling the cotton candy puff ball vibe.
Because I'm loving the black polka dot face nets, they're on trend with the Chanel beanie veils.
Because of the romantic modernism incorporating florals, pastels, black and angular lines.

Number 4: Ellie Saab
Because these gowns are unspeakably gorgeous and utterly wearable straight off the catwalk.
Because the gowns channel the landscape of the designer's home country Lebanon.
Because I would wear everyone of these gowns if I had an occasion and the budget.

Number 5: Dior
Because Raf Simons took us on a rainbow roller coaster time travel through the '50s, 60's and 70's.
Because the set was a trip futuristic multi-level catwalk that set the scene for an amazing show.
Because no details were spared from the pony tails to the multi colour sequin boots.
Because this was the most varied collection from lady like ball gowns to latex boots.

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